NANCY has an intellectual savviness that works, as it challenges viewers on their compassion and ability to recognize something within someone who is so lost. A definitively strong performance and a noteworthy directorial debut
— Nick Allen, Roger Ebert
Smith-Cameron exudes a tremulous maternal warmth that feels achingly real, and Buscemi has rarely, if ever, been more touching or subdued. They convey such a vivid sense of these people, their painful shared history and the hushed, haunted life they’ve rebuilt.
— Jon Frosch, The Hollywood Reporter
Complex, gripping and strikingly original, NANCY features a remarkable lead performance from Andrea Riseborough and astonishingly assured writing and direction by Christina Choe, who announces herself as a major talent.
— Nick Dawson, Talkhouse
Andrea Riseborough’s remarkable performance is the main attraction in this twisted and wholly satisfying psychological thriller, while filmmaker Christina Choe’s writing is as taut and incisive as it comes.”
— Kate Erbland, Indiewire
A beguiling feature directorial debut. Choe has considerable fun toying with what might be real, with a cast gifted at expressing a lot with a little. It’s impossible to take your eyes off Riseborough as the fragile yet calculating title character. A definitively strong performance and a noteworthy directorial debut. NANCY is a real discovery.
— Stephan Saito, Movable Fest
Rare is it that one gets to see a performance as strong as Andrea Riseborough’s in NANCY. Riseborough lives inside this character with such depth that’s it’s easy to get lost in each moment. It truly is astonishing stuff. Choe shows a deft hand
— Dan Mecca, The Film Stage