Far ahead of most acclaimed movies in theatres now.
— Richard Brody, The New Yorker
Andrea Riseborough hits every emotional beat like a champ. Beyond impressive.
— David Fear, Rolling Stone
NANCY exhibits a seriousness of purpose that’s rare in American movies today
— Glenn Kenny, Roger Ebert
Andrea Riseborough is brilliant in NANCY.
— Mike LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle
Andrea Riseborough proves she’s one of our great actresses. Bracing and unpredictable
— Bilge Ebiri, The Village Voice
Choe elicits wonderfully expressive, lived-in performances.
— Justin Chang, LA Times
Scene by scene, NANCY is riveting.
— David Edelstein, Vulture
Smith-Cameron exudes a tremulous maternal warmth that feels achingly real, and Buscemi has rarely, if ever, been more touching.
— Jon Frosch, The Hollywood Reporter
Subtle and effective in nearly every aspect of the film, incredibly Choe’s first.
— Dana Schwartz, Entertainment Weekly
You’ll come away knowing you’ve seen a master at work.
— Sara Stewart, New York Post
Fresh and fascinating.
BBC America
NANCY has an intellectual savviness that works. A definitively strong performance and a noteworthy directorial debut.
— Nick Allen, Roger Ebert
Andrea Riseborough’s remarkable performance is the main attraction in this twisted and wholly satisfying psychological thriller, while filmmaker Christina Choe’s writing is as taut and incisive as it comes.”
— Kate Erbland, Indiewire
NANCY features one of the most finely-crafted anti-heroes in film. An assured and genius debut.
— Lena Wilson, The Playlist
Andrea Riseborough’s performance coupled with Christina Choe’s thoughtful direction is perfectly pitched.
— Noel Murray, The Week
Great performance from Riseborough.
— Piers Marchant, VOX
Complex, gripping and strikingly original, NANCY features a remarkable lead performance from Andrea Riseborough and astonishingly assured writing and direction by Christina Choe.
— Nick Dawson, Talkhouse
Rare is it that one gets to see a performance as strong as Andrea Riseborough’s in NANCY. It truly is astonishing stuff.
— Dan Mecca, The Film Stage
A definitively strong performance and a noteworthy directorial debut. NANCY is a real discovery.
— Stephan Saito, Movable Fest